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I must say that, this aquarium is really what a planted tank should be. Not for it's design - the design aesthetic is up to your personal choice.

Rather, for it's relative ease of maintenance, hands-on involvement with the temporal changes of the aquarium (trimming) and enjoyment of the tank.

Up front, I invested time and effort to set it up and set it up right.

Now I spend about 10-20 minutes a week to clean glass and do a water change and I can spend the rest of the week just feeding the fish and dosing the tank, both are hands-on enjoyable experiences.

For many, this layout would be complete - but now it's in the fine trimming / pruning / sculpting phase.

This means I am trimming back elements and waiting for others (moss) to grow to meet a final vision.

The thing of it is - if you mess up in your first month it takes 400 times more effort to accomplish the same result - more headache, more prone to start over, etc.

It's fascinating to watch as the Riccia responds to trimming - each time getting thinner and more compact. I know I've done it right when I can look at the bottom of the Riccia and not see any rotten / black Riccia. It's healthy from top to bottom.

The tenellus coming in crimson red is a huge bonus, and the HC is impeccable.

This is exactly what I want for everyone here - this experience.
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