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Originally Posted by Noahma View Post
Can you post a little more specs on your tank? Is it co2 injected? what fertilizer regimen are you using, what type of light are you using?

Depending on the above answers, I can get you a trimming of several types of plants. most require higher light, co2 injection, and a good fertilizer regimen.

In the next week or two, I can provide you with a few trimmings of Ludwigia inclinata 'cuba', pogostemon stelattus 'broad leaf', these are my higher light plants. mid and lower I have hygrophilia corymbosa 'angustifolia' which is a nice wide stem plant (6-10" wide!) Rotala Rotundifolia 'green', some bacopa of some sort, Lindernia sp. 'India'

lol I have a ton of plants, some I only have a very short quantity of some of the stems.

please excuse the spelling of the species, I did not want to spend the time looking up the correct spellings lol

LOL you sound like me Noahma.. With several tanks full... Its not hard to come by depending on what ive got at the time.. Have several low/mid and high light set ups.
The hygrophilia corymbosa 'angustifolia' is one I have tons of. Grows great in low, medium and high light.. But it like most all Hygrophilia is a major nutrient sucker. Think ive got about 8 different species of hygrow now. Maybe more.. have to look..

But Right now ive got a few different trimmings.

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