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Not yet. The tank is still quite a ways from being put into action. I actually just bought it today. The first self-sustained tank I finished I haven't fed in months, have only done 2 water changes and all I really do is top off the water every few days. This new tank is 3x larger, but still small at 20 gallons. So there is a lot of planning for me to do before I jump into anything, though I will be "starting" it in a few days, though it will be largely boring as all I'll be doing is adding some copepods, snails, and growing hair algae and collecting pond/aquatic plants, and it'll remain that way for probably around 2 months before I add anything else.

I have discovered that keeping a tank on an indirect sunlight schedule with 3 hours of late-afternoon sunlight is more than enough light to grow plants healthy and not cause an algae farm. So I'll likely be working that same lighting schedule with this new tank, possibly adding an extra half-hour of light to make up for the new size.

I will consider putting up a journal for it though!
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