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Tonight was water change night and I decided to get my butt in gear and clean the tank up. I'm also going to post everything I did which will probably bore most of you to tears but it'll help me remember.

So, in some semblance of chronological order here's what I got done tonight:
- Swapped out my carbon in the filter for more filter floss, cut the seachem matrix bag and just tossed my matrix in the bio media tray because the bag was disgusting and generally gave the Fluval 206 a nice cleaning.
- Removed the aquaclear 30 and cleaned it up to put back into emergency storage
- Moved some berried cherry shrimp into their mesh breeder box safe haven
- Replanted a couple plants which had come loose and fished out excess water lettuce
- Watched my Bolivian ram and a cherry shrimp gnaw on the same shrimp pellet... apparently rams aren't the decimators of shrimp I was warned they were

And the big one, I installed my CO2!
I've got a home depot needle valve and I've got to say it's definitely not the best for aquarium CO2, very hard to modulate and set but just when I THINK I have it set ok, about 1 bubble per second after a minute or two it slows right down and peeters out.

Guess a trip to the local swageloc is in order, was hoping to do this on the cheap but whatever, better to do it right.

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