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My wife and I went out and gathered a few plants for my new aquarium from local ponds and lakes this weekend. I know what a couple are but need some help on the others, plus some confirmation on what the others are. Please forgive the poor shots, I have yet to learn many tips on "aquatography" and for some reason my camera kept focusing on the glass. Probably the algae.

Some form of Eleocharis hairgrass. Not so sure I like this one too much.

Not a very good pic, but I'm thinking it might be some sort of Bacopa. It is growing like gangbusters and I'm probably going to have to move it to a different area of the tank. The tallest stalk was maybe 3 inches when I got it on Saturday and it is 8 or 9 now.

Pennywort? I just noticed this morning that it is pushing up a new leaf. It's so cute

This is an interesting one. It looks like a sword of some sort. Closest match I can find is Echinodorus cordifolius "Ovalis". I found it growing emersed and I'm hoping that the leaves that it will convert to submerged.

No idea on this one. Another one I found emersed. It is starting to flower like crazy. Another sword species?

This one I found on the shore but it looked an aweful lot like Hygrophilia so I thought I would give it a try.

Another shot from above.
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