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Blink's 27 gallon cube

After looking at the marineland 27 gallon cube in Petsmart and making puppy eyes at my fiancee for long enough she finally caved... I could get it as long as I sold my 12 gallon Edge!
YES! score.

I loved the looks of the Edge but the maintenance and restricted access was a real pain in the butt so this wasn't the toughest choice I ever had to make. I bought the 27 gallon and set it up, seeded with nice old media and a sponge filter from the Edge and a buyer was quickly found for the smaller tank.

Unfortunately my fiancee had lost my camera during this time so I've only got a couple camera phone pics rather than the several dozen I'd normally have taken lol.

I guess if I follow the usual tank journal theme it's time to list the equipment:

Filtration - Initially I started off with an Eheim 2215 which I got used but it turned out to be not the best deal I've ever gotten, there's a thread around here detailing it but long story short, I ended up putting about $100 in parts into it and it's still an unreliable POS.
It has since been replaced with a Fluval 206 which is simply awesome in comparison. I've also got an aquaclear 30 hanging off the tank in a wonderful display of redundancy. Actually it's there because it was my safety net while I was having so many problems with the Eheim and I've been meaning to remove it for a while now.

Heat - There is an Aqueon Pro 100 watt heater in there, nicely exposed in an ugly position across the back which will be replaced with a Hydor inline as soon as budget allows... I mean as soon as I can order one online without my fiancee seeing the box come in the mail

Light - I tried the Marineland doublebright that comes in the box for several days and there were two problems with it, A) it didn't provide enough coverage B) my dwarf hairgrass was not getting nearly enough light.
I have since supplemented it with a cheapo Home Depot clamp light and a Phillips 13 watt "daylight" compact fluorescent bulb which has really perked things up. Unfortunately it made my water lettuce take off too, but whatever, that's not the worst thing ever.

CO2 - It's coming... I've got the paintball cylinder, ASA fitting and Home Depot needle valve, Fluval bubble counter and tester and a Boyu diffuser with swirly bubble counter built in. Visually it's kind of lame but whatever, it's worth a try. Basically all I need to do is run tube n connect this beast but for some reason I'm procrastinating, I guess I better get off my duff and get it done today or you'll all make fun of me.

I guess that's it for typing and it's time to show some pics or shut up.
Suppose that means I ought to take some... back in a bit.
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