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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Wow, I cant believe no one has commented on your pics yet! I guess the pond section kinda gets skipped over. i love your tub setup! I cant believe more people dont do these, they are so fun. Is this your first one? For marginals I highly recommend Thalia dealbata. its a beautiful plant! You can do a ton of aquarium plants in these too. I grew Blyxa japonica last year.
It's not a very happening place... Not too many updates lol..
This is indeed my first one. We had one that came with the place. But it was tiny and stagnant and gross. We drained it and its now a flower bed.

First serious pond sort of deal... I'm in love with them.
These are so much fun to do. I have to be patient though... Things need to grow.

Thanlia dealbata. That was beautiful. I just googled it. A little big for this small pond though.
I am working on a 700 gallon pond and that plant is fer sure gonna be on the list.
Or would a small pot contain it?
Right now lemon bacopa is on the list. I'm trying to make alot of the plants in and around it edible.

Updates.... I got fertilizer tabs. I hope they make a difference.

The water forget me not is adorbale and bouncing back well.
It's hates full sun. It wilts in the sun. As soon as the shade is on it though it's back up and happy and blooming.
It seems to be handling the sun better with each passing day though.

Thats about it...
I need plant suggestions... Plants that need only their roots in water. But not in soil.
I was thinking of using it as a plant factory of sorts.
My LFS loves my Windelov java ferns. So I was thinking of using it to farm store credit lol...

I wonder.....
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