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Originally Posted by BlueRam
Try a peristaltic dosing pump that can handle two lines. Set one in, one out so that the volume is conserved and volume is set by the time opperated. 50 % a day may not be bad though if your water is cheap...
That's a great idea Blueram. But you loose auto top-off. But it is devilishly simple, and tempting...

But idea about more frequent water change is an idea though. Water is cheap here. And truth be told, in the winter (when it's so dry inside due the heaters) top-off isn't needed my often than 3 times a week. I'll bet 3 50% water changes wouldn't wast much more water than using the massively wasteful python I'm using today.

Would causes massive swings in ferts though. But I could set a different timing for my dosing pumps on "water change" days. Hmmm.....

Steve - 33g reef and a 180g planted in need of a re-scape.
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