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New fish room/breeder!!! NEW VIDEO 11-11-13!!!!!

In the process of building my own fish room something i always wanted to do. I am setting up 20- 75gallon, 30- 29gallon, and 20- 10 gallon. I am going to breed angels, discus, rams, and guppies mainly. I plan on doing some oscars but i have heard they take a little time. The water by me is from a well and has ph of 6.5 so its perfect for South American ciclids. Im getting building spray foamed next weekend and then i will start racks and order tanks.

LIGHTING... All tanks will get cfl bulbs..some 1, some 2.
HEATING.... All tanks will get a heater determined by size of tank.
WATER CHANGES.... I am going to put 1" bulk heads in all tanks and run a water inlet f9r each tank. That way all i have to is turn water on and let it go out. I am going to use a 50 gallon water heater and put a valve on the hot and cold outlet of tank. Then i am going t9 put a temp probe and adjust valves till water mixture is 78 degrees. From thereit will go to water lines throughout the room.
FILTRATION.... setting up central air using linear pump and using sponge filters.

Heres a couple pics of my work so far... any suggestions or concerns will be helpful.

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