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I've seen those kits at petsmart and thought about getting one before. They have the coralife T5NO lighting which is on my 55 gallon and they seen to be great for low light/medium light plants.

Originally Posted by aunick0308 View Post
My current aquarium is just a 10 gallon low light setup with only one Java Fern Windelov on a piece of driftwood and two baby Java's (its offshoots). I don't have any fish right now as it needs some major tank maintenance done before any will survive, but I will be doing that soon as I don't want to loose my plant. I have been overloaded at work, which is causing me to have to work late daily due to a decrease in staff and some extra projects for some clients. However, I am getting adjusted to the workload and the extra projects are winding down so I do not have to work as late most days. I am thinking about getting an Aqueon 25 gallon Premium aquarium kit from Petsmart before the year is over.
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