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Originally Posted by FlyingGiraffes View Post
New rock looks nice! Looks like you're due for a trim soon.

thanks flyinggiraffes....funny you should mention that....check out the photos below.

hey frrok, I have considered the gla inline diffusors. I'll admit, I don't like seeing the diffusor in the setup. at one point I had an external diy diffusor. wasn't as happy with it as I thought I was going to be. I may invest in the gla one though. do you have any experience with it? I have a ton of cherry shrimp in this tank and felt bad how many would get sucked into the intake. the steel filter cap has done a great job since I installed it. I also don't mind the way it looks. I did make that drop checker too. Works very well.

Here are some more photos. from echinodorus to the brainstorm to the the rock placement and trim. Thanks all for looking!! best, el g

wabi wabi wabi

brainstorming with rocks to the right and left of the tank.

adios old/plant scape and back to the rocks

the big trim

a few steps back
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