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I am starting to work on a list of plants that I have. Green are in this tank. Black are in other tanks but might be used later in this tank.Red is Dead. Missing???

- Bacopa (not sure which kind)
- Rotala Rotundifolia/ Indica (Is there a difference?)
- Moneywort
- Egeria Densa

- Dwarf Baby Tears (HC)
- Regular Baby Tears
- Needle Leaf Ludwigia
- Ludwigia Repens
- Ludwigia glandulosa
- Echinodorus 'Oriental'
- Amazon Sword
- Hygrophila defformis
- Hygrophila corymbosa
- Rotala Nanjenshan

- Java Fern Lace Windelov
- Java Fern
- Java moss
- Microsword
- Anubias Barteri
- C. wendetii red
- C. wendetii green
- Glossostigma
- Myriophyllum Pinnatum
- Creeping Jenny
- Brazilian Pennywort

- Cardinalis (can't remeber name)

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