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Just got some inverts from Msjinkzd, whom I HIGHLY recommend!

Got 2 Amano Shrimp, 2 Horned Nerites, and 10 Cherry Shrimp.

Somewhat worried as my tank is still cycling, but I'm going to be changing a bit of the water every other day.

I rescaped a little bit. Moved the (just found out what it is) Hygrophila Polysperma to the left side and threw half of it away (the raggity bits anyways).

Still don't really want to touch the Macandra because it is a pain to get back in the substrate since its delicate.

The Rotala Green is still growing in, which when it does, I'm going to be throwing the dying stems away.

Here's some pics:

Problem I've fixed:

I now have shrimp and snails! Woo!

Current problems:

Just want to get some HC, but I read that it won't want to stay rooted in my particular substrate.

Waiting for the Rotala Green to grow in.



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