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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Can you try moving it 6 or 8 inches to the left and rotate it 45 degrees so it doesn't point straight up but rather towards the center of the tank 3 feet above? That will help draw an observers focal point while using the law od thirds, used in photography... Just a suggestion. Ive done a combination of this and stacking to pieces of driftwood to create a visual 3 dimensional effect.
I kind of wanted to keep the hill on the left so I tried scooting it to the left a bit but some of my plants were in the way so I couldn't move it to far so moving it around might have to wait till I rescape at some point. =/ As far as rotating it it only has about 2 or three positions in which it is really stable because of its shape unfortunately...

But I did manage to move it a few inches away from the center so it's not so centered... I think. lol
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