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Originally Posted by looking4roselines View Post
The green house build is now officially work in progress. I spent the entire weekend cleaning the clutter in the back yard and finally cleared the space I needed. I relocated the tool shed hauled the remaining beach pebbles that were sitting next to the shed. Size is at least going to be 20X10 feet.

Went window shopping yesterday, literally. I found two good size windows from a "bone yard" for a great deal at $100 ea. These are brand new dual glare vinyl framed windows that were left over from different construction projects. It's a 4x4' and a 4x5'. Sizes are different but it has the same height so I am not too concerned. I do plan on getting another 4x5' from the hardware store.

Here are some preliminary planning on shading, cooling, humidity etc. The greenhouse will house mostly orchids, crypts, buce, and other aroids. For the shade cloth, I plan on getting a 50% shade cloth to cover the clear corrugated roof and the sides.

To maintain the humidity, I plan on using pea size gravel as the ground cover and setup a swamp cooler. I'll also setup a diy mister (or a mist king) that will run intermittently throughout the day.

For air movement, I might setup a few solar fans that will draw cold air from under the foundation into the greenhouse through the foundation vents. This would help keep my foundation dry and provide cool air for the greenhouse. I also ordered two automatic window openers that would open to a certain angle when the temperature rises to a certain degree. When it's cool, the windows will automatically close to keep the heat in.

I am not sure what I need to do for heating yet. Might get a natural gas heater. I'll need suggestions or some inputs on this.

To prevent fungus, mold, or algae from growing on the inner walls, is there a spray or specific paint that will prevent these type of things?

I am not 100% set on these so let me know your thoughts. If anything does not appear to be feasible, I would greatly appreciate it if you can point me into the right direction.
I don't think you should have too many problems with mold / fungus as long as you keep air movement going. When you have stagnant, saturated air is when you'll get fungal blooms.

As for algae though . . . try not to keep surfaces constantly wet.

Honestly though, I'd be more afraid of snails / slugs than algae.
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