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Hello ,Tonight i was trying something similar ,I have a 60 liter CRS tank with 20 odd higher grade CRS my problem is my ph tends to rise over time to around 7.5 .

I do use RO water and peat to bring it back down to 6.6 but it never lasts more than a few days and i get a rebound ,its a very slow rebound so its no danger to the shrimp.

What i was looking for a way to constantly lower the ph to a certain level and keep it there idea is to use a drip system of peat water to lower the ph ...this would be on a timer . the same way ferts are dosed mechanically .

Ive built the device and tested it and it works now i just have to figure out dosing rates and timing .

Typically i will see a swing of 0.3 in a day so i wont have to dose much to bring it back down.

I am also testing to see if there is any ph swing in the peat water itself from when its first made to a few days later .

I can post my results and show you how i did it with pics tomorrow if your interested ?

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