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My DIY peat filter

Working off what Randyl had posted and other posts on the internet, I needed a cheap way to lower my pH until I can figure out a RO system and not be lugging jugs of water up 3 flights of stairs all the time. My tap water has jumped up from 7.2 to 8.2 in the past few months and it's not making the neo's or the tigers happy. I'd also like to be able to use this water as a test for some low grade crystals and see if I can get away from using RO for them.

I took a 4L (1gallon) water jug, cut off the bottom and drilled a small hole in the bottom. This fits into a 5gal jug like a funnel. I stuffed a bunch of floss in the bottom, really tight, then a piece of sponge, some more floss, and I have a bunch of carbon/phosphate/ammonia pads so I cut up some of them and put them in there. Probably not needed but I have them, bought a bunch as a noob a while ago at a midnight madness sale at Big Al's, so I have them, might as well use them, then more floss and some peat in pantyhose. I then put my shower facet on a slow drip right on the top of the peat. It takes about an hour to 1.5hrs depending on if people in the house flush or are doing laundry and I have 5gal of water that was 8.2pH, 230tds, 8gh down 5.8pH, 105tds, 4 gh.

Here's a pic of my ghetto funnel system.

and a jug of water just done, crystal clear. It may have a tiny, tiny, brown tinge but purigen in my tanks will filter that out. Already been swapping out water in my tiger tank to get the pH down from 8.0 to 7.5 and will do some more over the week to get it to around 7. If I need, I can mix my peat water with tap water and age it to get the pH where I want it anywhere from 5.8 that it's at to 6.5, 7, whatever value I want.

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