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Yea it was the pinball machine one. It was 3 tanks in total, one in front of the score board and two down by the sides. When I saw it I thought....the only way this would work is if they are all connects to a central sump so that the amount of water would be larger for the bioload, but when they zoomed in on the other two tanks they were just as overstocked as the one in the front with rainbows and other misc. fish. I imagine once those fish start dying, the ammonia in that tank with skyrocket causing the plants to melt away haha. I bet they paid top dollar for that to be done too.

All jokes aside. I'm sure things are different once the camera's are turned off. They likely did remove a bunch of those fish. Its just dumb to show that kinda stuff on tv and then have new hobbyists thinking they can have the same thing at their own house.
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