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Some emersed Eriocaulon parkeri

I think this is Eriocaulon linnaeus, grows locally in the southern states

It rained for 3 days and the snails in my moss container started to crawl all over the sides, I've never seen them active like this before

Dwarf Hairgrass, Eleocharis acicularis

Cryptocoryne albida threw up a new runner

Cryptocoryne 'Tropica aka bronze'

Cryptocoryne 'Red' ??

Cryptocoryne undulata, species from Florida Aquatic

Cryptocoryne willisi x lucens

Random Cryptocoryne wendtii, they are all usually a blur to me so hard to identify the species

Cryptocoryne lucens finally put out a spaeth, first time in over 1.5 years

I was having bad melt so I tried the method of putting oak tree leaf litter around the plant and I have to say it is actually working quite well


This is really starting to take off

An unknown Cryptocoryne wendtii species

Cryptocoryne ciliata is getting kinda big this time of year

Cryptocoryne beckettii is one of my favorite flowers, it opens up so nice

HC growing in an orange juice container. I put some aquasoil in the bottom and dropped a few pieces of HC and a Cryptocoryne wendtii inside. Really is taking off

5" pot with Cryptocoryne albida overflowing with HC

Cryptocoryne wendtii species

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