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Silicone in Canada?

I know this has been beat to death on pretty much every single Aqaurium forum in the world but i am bringing it up again.

I keep reading about Momentive/GE 108 for tank building but online the only place that sells it is Graingers. Well i called our local Acklands-Grainger (what we Canadian have instead)and they do not carry it and will not/can not order it in. So i am looking at my options...most of these should be available in Canada(most list at Acklands). The Exception being 108, i would love some one to prove me wrong with a link and a low price/shipping price.

As far as i can tell i want 100% silicone, preferable window and door and definatly not mildewcyde included, i myself am looking for clear.

Devcon Canada
silicone adesive RTV - Tensile 400PSI tear resistance 47pli FDA approved
A-G Product # PML66C
I am thinking this is the front runner right now...i don't see whats wrong with it, if anyting

Dow Corning
732 -Tensile Strength = 333.6 psi, Tear str not listed
786 - Tensile = 325 psi, tear = 25ppi
786 lists as mildew resistant but no word about mildecide
999A may also be a candidate but was not listed at Granger.

Superflex Clear #59575 and Silatech#32389
The PSI rating does not make sense to me, it is for dry, wet and frozen wood but i don't see a glass rating, and i can't find the sheet for the Silatech.

Momentive(/GE) Performance Materials 1200
Tensile 479psi Peel Strength(tear str?) 40 lb/in
Momentive(/GE) Performance Materials RTV108 One Component Acetoxy Adhesive Sealant, Translucent
Tensile 398psi Tear str 44.8 pli
Momentive(/GE) Performance Materials RTV108 Translucent Adhesive Sealant, High Strength Paste
Tensile 399psi Tear str ???

~no idea the differnce between the two 108's i have not found either in Canada, yet.

Other Canadian options i have found include:

GE1 - Discontinued

I can not find Tech Sheets for these
unless the number changed when GE sold to Momentive. there are a ton on the momentive site but i don't know which thes are...any help would be great as these are available localy.

Dap -
Household/aquarium Adhesive
States "30 Gallons or less. 18" or less water height" (i always thought or water as deep not high*shrug)3.0 Advanced All-Purpose Sealant
Tensile 170 +/- 50 psi (thats a big variance)

Other Dap Products i checke did not give Tensile strength numbers.

PERMATEX Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive - No Info

Home Hardware
Multi-purpose Clear Silicone II - No info - i suspect its made by GE, so it could be the same as or near GE 2, i have no proof of this.

I am not sure if otehr stores have house brand or not
Rona does...have not looked into it
Canadian Tire online store only shows a few motomaster branded
Kent carries Mulco, Lepage and Imperial have not looked in to those.
Peavy mart?
Princess Auto?

Know any more?
Is one of these no good for tanks?
Post any info you have them and i will ad them to the list.

EDIT: full disclosure...i do not know these products to be safe for you homework
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