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trimmed the 60 tonight. added a few plants. added some moss. next water change, i'll add the anubias i got from steve. i also took out the crypts i had in there. i pulled the nurii up a bit and the roots were melting, so i tossed it into the 125. the hudoroi's growth stalled out, so i put it into my 20L yellow tank.\

my 20L yelllow shrimp tank. added a whole bunch of microsword from dan. the cyperus helferi i got from joe is going into the 60 on the next water change.

took about 2 hours to trim off a bunch of leaves with bba on them, and then replant to build this little section of staurgyne repens

now i have to fill this hole. i'm thinking about filling it with the blyxa. any thoughts?
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