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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I want to see what you do with the sump.

Props for taking your time on your de-rim. I only have done the tops on my 20 longs and that alone takes me hours. I see many people leaving the excess silicone on. I feel like I did a good job on both mine but still managed to scratch them up very slightly, yours looks really good. I will likely never de-rim a tank because the side silicone looks bad but I just like seeing it done well.

Please post updates as you go.
It helps that i used an orbital sander and took my time to mask off the edges first. i did get one scratch on the glass but that side quickly became the back ha ha.

Really like that internal sump idea and looks clean.. just a thought though.. couldn't you have used something other than the glass to construct the sump? Something simpler and cheaper since it was painted anyway? That way you wouldn't have to go to glass shops or such
I could have used plexi but in the bast i have had issues gluing plexi to glass so i wanted to avoid that. i also entertained the idea of using metal for a little bit. I think i could have gotten away with a large piece of alumnium but i like the look of glass painted from behind its almost like a black mirror. which is going to suck to take pictures of ha ha

here is where i got the idea for the sump. I saw this tank in a fish store called wet pets just outside of Pittsburgh

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