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Jesse's Mini-L Anubias Adventure

Hey planted tank people,

I've been planning this tank for a while now and have finally gotten all the pieces to put it together(almost). Ever since i laid eyes on my first ADA aquarium. I've always wanted one so I purchased a Mini L online. The tank is only 8.5 gallons but is a perfect nano sized tank.

I really wanted to go low tech so I would'nt have to pay much attention to it and yet it would still look appealing. This was a job for my favourite plant the Anubias.


  • Anubias barteri 'Petite'
  • Anubias barteri 'Nana'
  • Anubias barteri var. 'round leaf'
  • Christmas moss
  • Needle Leaf Java Fern

For my critters I am only going to be keeping shrimp.
I have 50 fire reddish shrimps waiting for the tank to mature a little.


  • Eheim 2213
  • Aquatic Magic Lily Pipes
  • Archaea 27W Power Compact Light Fixture
  • Pfertz

1. New tank arrives

2. Hardscape in!

3. Tease shot

4. Day 1

5. Almost 3 months of growth

6. 5 months?

I still need to buy my substrate which is going to be natural looking sand as i opted out of using my aqua soil since its not needed and the cycle time is a tad long.

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