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Originally Posted by swrdply400mrelay View Post
What's kind of food is that they're munching on?
oh its food from when TheShrimpLab was still around. im surprised even now that this food is still fresh my shrimp swarm for this stuff in their dish. pfft animals....

Originally Posted by jeremyTR View Post
those Rili look like bluer ghost shrimp.

and i would love to have all that overgrown moss in your one picture. as of right now i have zero moss
the color has got a little bit better like i said on another thread its a long process of selective breeding

as of now i nothing has really changed besides more babies a bit more most and the dying off of my bee shrimp . probably they came from really hard water and my ph was around 6.5+ and plus i was doing massive top offs go figure.

the 5.5 now is different i ended up redoing the tank after transfering all the rilis over to the 10. the tank houses some clear blue rili males and a few A/S grade CRS. these guys are so interesting to watch, they're like walking candy canes.

the 10 now is what i refer to it as my shrimp sin city. it was crawling with babies now those guys are juvis and waiting for them to mature. okay so i added another filter so its running duel canisters, when i was adding the other filter i almost pulled out my UGF. i was so annoyed but it was my fault i get overzealous at times. i also added some flame moss and a modded breeder box. I'll post up some pictures within the day or two when i'm free.
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