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Originally Posted by klaus07 View Post

Good luck on your move! Are your 300 gallon aquariums going to be glass or acrylic? It would make a difference in weight. Personally, I like the idea of a 300 but the reality is something different. Will you be able to easily reach bottom to work with the plants? I know you are thorough and plan well, so I am just wondering how you will approach this?

I can't lift glass!!! It will be acrylic! I should be able to get to the bottom as it will only be 24" tall. It has similar dimension to 180gallon tank except it is 2 ft longer.

I haven't work out all the details yet as I need to find/buy the new place. The plan will be determined by the new place layout.

Anyone want to buy a 3 bedroom bungalow in Parma, Ohio? Everything is updated and move in ready! Also has a small insulated and heated fishroom?
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