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J's 3g - Glass Jar Shrimp Tank

Found a 3 gallon glass jar on craigslist and decided to do a small shrimp tank (with CRS or cherries). Here's what I have so far:

I picked up a Fluval U1 submersible filter and a 50 watt heater:

Next step is gonna be lighting, substrate, plants, etc.

I'd like everyone's input on this.

1) What type of lighting would you use?
2) I have plenty of Eco Complete left over from my other tanks. Should I just use that, mix it with something, use something different, Walstad method?
3) What type of plants? Emersed start?
4) CRS? Cherries? etc?

The glass (as you can see in the photos) is not uniform and is a little wavy. It may not be as easy to look through as a regular tank, but to be honest, I probably will just breed the hell outta some CRS or cherries and feed them to my angels and apistos for population control. The size/shape of the tank was really interesting to me, so I'm gonna give it a shot. I originally bought it to raise apisto eggs/fry for the first month.

Could really use some ideas here guys. Please feel free to fire away!

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