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Update: 04/29/12

Here's some new pictures! Added some rocks, and started a flame moss rock!

The plants are starting to look good and are growing very well. (Circled new growths in black on 2 pics)

Let me just say that it is 100000% worth getting a high tech setup. I struggled with very low light, DIY co2, etc, etc on a big tank and it almost wanted to make me get out of aquariums.

It would have normally taken me like a week to see this little bit of growth in plants. I am so happy with this tank.

Some problems I've addressed:

I think the tank is actually looking okay right now. I'm surprised how much of an addition the rocks made, and the plants are pretty much recovered from the shock of shipping... not sure about the Rotala though.

I think the big leafed one is supposed to be the 'stargrass' and the ones with the needleish leaves is the Rotala Green.

Fixed the spray bar after careful, yet extremely forceful sliding.

I think I made the co2 line look a little better by hiding it under the substrate. Plus the rock pushed up against it makes the diffuser stand straight up and down now, instead of at a slight angle.

Stem plants are staying down fine in the substrate.

You can see in the pic with the drop checker that I cut off the part that was crappy, and added a piece from a different sucker that is amazing.

I don't think that plant is too big for my tank anymore. Just have to let it get grown in.

New problems

I'm going to put in a carpet of something. I'm contemplating HC or Staurogyne. I never much liked the look of glosso, four leaf clover, or hairgrass... anyone have some suggestions?

I'm noticing the slightest beginning of algae on the leaves of my plants. I don't think its serious, but I need to get some snails and shrimp in there, but I'm waiting for the tank to cycle first. Do I need to wait for the tank to cycle before I add things? I've heard differing opinions with planted tanks.

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