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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
bettas dont spend too much time swimming once mature, IME. and each betta has over a gallon of swimming space. 5 gallons is the min for many fish, because it is hard to keep tanks smaller than that at stable temps, but this setup allows me to keep the bettas in a stable environment. and the water is chemically stable as well, with 3 filters, gravel, plants, and weekly 50% WC, the tank has very healthy parameters.

yes the two are being conditioned for breeding at the moment. i intend to attempt breeding 1-2 weeks after the females velvet passes.
fair enough, i used to keep bettas in half-gallon bowls and they didn't swim that much. but now i have a betta in a 5.5 gallon, and he really utilizes the swimming space. depends on the fish, i guess.

cool. good luck!
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