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5G Yellow POSO and Cardinal Tank

Tank: 5G Deep Blue
Filter: AC20 HOB, eBay sponge filter
Lighting: 10W LED Utility Lamp
Substrate: Tahitian Moon Sand
Volcano rocks found in Myrdallasandur, Iceland
Driftwood from Echo Lake, New Hampshire

Sprig of Hornwort
Whatever the POSO don't eat

7x Yellow Rabbit POSO snails
10x Yellow Neos (temporarily)
1x Amano
2x Nerite
6x Cardinal Shrimp (from Mordalphus)

Here's a FTS:

Created the Tank Journal primarily as a means of tracking my progress towards growing out my POSO snails. Got them last summer at about a 1/4 inch long. They're now close to 1inch long. I've been feeding them primarily on spinach and zucchini as well as whatever aquarium plants I dump in there. They never seemed that big a fan of prepared foods although they've started eating spirulina sticks recently.

Hopefully they'll start breeding soon!


An amano:

Temporary tankmate:

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