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Originally Posted by sjb1987 View Post
How is a person suppose to choose what size of an atomic diffuser we need I'm our aquarium?
It can be difficult. However even the largest model is ver small in terms of footprint. You have to get a general idea on what your bubble count will be first, then figure out how large of diffuser you want in your tank viewing area.
You can always go large with no problem but you can't go to small for large tanks with increased bubble counts. The higher the bubble count the larger the mist.

This even applies to all misting systems,glass and atomizing.

What size aquarium do you have?

Originally Posted by herns View Post
It takes few days for a sponsor to answer questions here. I was unhappy about it when I first posted. It was even bababooey who answer my question. It was the reason I didnt buy this product.

Sorry GLA.

Using a forum as a means to contact us or any buisness does not seem logical for a speedy reply.
I strongly suggest folks actually contact a business directly. We have several means of communication including the most popular means on the planet, email, phone,Facebook,and lastly we even have our own forum.

All of these contact forms,email etc are all located on our site. I recommend folks use these as forms for initiating contact in regards to product questions.
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