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Red_wall's 4 Gallon Finnex

Equipment: Finnex 4g (pico plus), pressurized paint ball co2, and 23 watt lighting.

Flora: Rotala Mac, Stargrass, Rotala Sp. 'green', X-mas moss (not pictured)

Current FTS

Beginning of the tank (4-27-2012)

I got my plants today - and here's the result:

Some problems that I'm having:
  • Well, number one, it looks like crap, haha, I'm going to be buying some stones tomorrow to attach some flame moss to. I need to buy a carpeting plant, but I think I'll do that once I see how my stems do.
  • Not sure which plants are which, there's two that looks the same, rotala green, and the stargrass.Once they grow in I might be able to tell the difference.
  • The spray bar is making it to where any stem plants in front of it lean to the front - so, no stem plants to the left side of the tank, once they grow in that is.
  • I'm pretty sure I messed my diffuser up from accidentally having too much pressure for a bit - there are tiny holes all in the ceramic (bigger than normal). I might invest in an ADA diffuser because I'm not liking how the input valve is on the bottom of the diffuser.
  • The stem plants are so hard to plant, it's ridiculous. May end up getting some "lead" weights if I can find them.
  • My drop checker came with a crappy "sucker" so it kept detaching and floating to the top.
  • I want to put the spray bar up higher, but the small hose that is connecting it won't bend that way. Need to figure that out.
  • I also believe that one species of plant is too big for my tank, which I may end up throwing out, or just keeping it really short.

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