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Originally Posted by GraphicGr8s View Post
Erick, it works just fine in the center of the shot. Well if you want your signature to be the focal point. A watermark should be faint not at full strength. The idea of a watermark is to keep people from pilfering your images. Now if you mean you want to use it as your signature mark than that's fine. But it should be in the lower left or right. Not in the center. Again, unless that signature is your focal point.

Yeah you're right, its not so much a watermark, just a signature. But most regular people think of it as a "watermark", so I called it that. I was using that one as more of an advertisement, but I do have two presets, one in the center for ads or where the bottom left is blocked, and one in the bottom left for 99% of the images I'll add the signature to.

Originally Posted by stewardwildcat View Post
Erick as an ad, I love the image and where the logo is. If you are using it as a watermark move it to a less conspicuous spot. Awesome picture. The contrast of the entire image drives you to the two in-focus subjects and mutes the rest.

Zach: Those are incredible colors. Focus isnt perfect (mine seems to never be right when it matters) but awesome pic.

My image:
Thanks! I do admit, I like the picture a lot. I have a color version as well, but I think the black and white edit has so much more punch and impact like you mentioned.

Originally Posted by teah View Post
I love the 2nd photo very much. What film did you use? However, I think the rocks in front are too much and take away the focus of the wall, which should be the main focus of this photo... Sorry, just my 2 cents

This is a photo I shot, handhelded with slow shutter speed

Very nice! I honestly can't find anything wrong with it, and if I could, I would mention it. But I see it as a great image

Here's another one from the same E-session, the signature/watermark is in the center again, mostly because I want to use it for display/branding.

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