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Originally Posted by Vanryker View Post
I have a 120 gal tank for my 2 Red Eared slider turtles who I love to death.
Just bought a 120 gallon tank and fixing it up for them as they have lived 5 years in a 30-40 gal. tank and I feel so sorry for them. I have read this whole forum on the Sunsun filter. It looks just like the one on this link Has anyone bought this one yet looks just like it at a fraction of the cost, mind you I don't know what the shipping will be and if I overpay and order from them I hear the customer service is great and you can order all extra filler for the filter from them. More expensive than [Ebay Link Removed]

Please let me know if anybody has this set up on this large of a tank, and for turtles. Thanks. Greatly appreciated. Would be going for the 4 or 5 stage filter from aquatop which I am sure I can fine on [Ebay Link Removed]

Thank you again,
I have one CF500 on a 75 gallon, you could probably get away with one, but for turtles, I'd consider 2.

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