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Originally Posted by zainey_04 View Post
I actually like this picture, but you've pretty much nailed everything i was going to say about the picture. what you could have done better, was to take a picture of it from an angle we don't normally look at cars. also car pictures don't have to focus entirely on the car as a whole, but you can also chose a small aspect of it and focus on that ie. Rims, light, mirrors etc.

Here's an HRD picture I took at Ocean City, MD.
Not bad at all! I like the frame and the composition(especially the water part), the HDR is a little overcooked, but nothing unbearable. Nice job!

What do you guys think of this watermark? I know the image is crap, but I want feedback on the watermark. I wanted something that matched my website logo exactly, and this does, except the website logo is different colors since it has a color background behind it.

Does it look professional enough? I can move it anywhere, but felt it worked best in the center for this particular image...

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