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its been a while... super busy overworked underpaid gaah!! sorry for playing the violin lol. well at least i have my tanks. although i haven't had time to do my weekly w/c in 2 weeks now.. i moved stuff around and topped off the tank.

progress fts 04/25/12

on a side note, i am continuing EI dosing 3X a week with rest days in between without scheduled waterchanges, jus top offs. my GH is 6-8 and my KH is less than 1. As a result of my co2 my and lack of buffering my pH may be swinging 6.0-6.6 in an extreme case. i am sure this is most apparent during waterchanges since my tap pH is 7.

i fear this is not good for the fisheys lol. as i have noticed my cory hasboras swimming weird and sudden lack of activity in the tank i feel like i need to add some buffering to my water to prevent sudden swings in pH. i will try baking soda in small increments till i get a KH of at least 2-3.

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