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Originally Posted by clau74 View Post
Hi ,
It's nice aquascape style, what kind of rock do you use? Plants remain on the emersion period? Can I make suggestions for other fish: Thayer boehlkei, Rasbora heteromorpha, Boraras Brigittae, Microrasbora Galaxy.
Thanks again! Rock used is Ryouh stone, hence the title name

Yep still emmersed, probably at least another week or more.

Good suggestion on the Penguin Tetras (thayer boehlkei) that is an option I have been considering!

Originally Posted by aXio View Post
I really like your plant selection. I love seeing crypts in higher end setups like this. I can't wait to see how this grows out. Your rocks are a bit low laying so they will probably get covered up a good bit, but I like that look.
Thanks! Indeed some odd plant choices for a rockscape, but I like it too. My only regret is that the rocks are as low laying as they are like you mentioned. need larger/more pieces or some plain gravel or lava rock stuffed in pantyhose underneath. still I probably wont change a thing and see how it fills in.

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