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the xm-ls should be putting out 700+ lumens per(with the driver maxxed out) so thats quite a bit of light right there.
the real limmiting factor is that i want lunar phase simulation, and since the meanwells dropout at 5 or 10 percent with 12 emmitters on one driver that may be too much light for moonlight. I looked at steves leds and i dont think thier drivers will work besides at the prices i might as well get another meanwell.Also i do not want too many blues since i hear they cause algae. This is going to be a super high tech tank so i might add a uv sterilzer. Ive always battled algae probally because i insist on long light cycles(i like the aquarium to be on when i come home from work)ive remidied(mostly) this with afternoon storms. this will be my first pr. CO2 tank and i sooo want a carpet of glosso in the front. This whole setup is not going to be built till August since i am in Iraq. If this comes together like im planning the only thing that will have to be done to the system is trim plants in a year!
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