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You need 9-12W of LED without lens base on my experience in designing my Edge light

BTW, replacement base idea is great even though it does take away some of the visual area of the Edge. How much they charge you?

Originally Posted by Lludu View Post
So I had Hagen ship me out a "replacement" base for the 6.6g Fluval Edge, in attempts to try and create this light/hood mod:

I now have to figure out... what type of lighting I want to put into the hood. The Edge's normal lighting (even with my upgraded Fluval LED bulbs) is extremely low light. I want to try and get this up to around medium, not high enough for co2, but good enough for actual plant growth. So I have been looking around for led bars/discs that have been made already so I can simply put it in place and plug in. Dealing with the DIY lighting and covering the wires, heatsink, and blah blah blah... is not something I really want to do. So with that in mind... Does anyone have any ideas of what to put into this new hood?

I saw these at IKEA, they are rated 3.5w, but I'm not sure how they would work, what do you think?

DIODER Multipurpose lighting
Light color; warm white (2700 Kelvin).
Energy consumption: 3.5W.

I was also thinking about getting the ecopico strips, but I think thats going to cost to much to do what I am looking for...

Please let me know what you think would work, Thanks~
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