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Fluval Edge Light Mod LEDs

So I had Hagen ship me out a "replacement" base for the 6.6g Fluval Edge, in attempts to try and create this light/hood mod:

I now have to figure out... what type of lighting I want to put into the hood. The Edge's normal lighting (even with my upgraded Fluval LED bulbs) is extremely low light. I want to try and get this up to around medium, not high enough for co2, but good enough for actual plant growth. So I have been looking around for led bars/discs that have been made already so I can simply put it in place and plug in. Dealing with the DIY lighting and covering the wires, heatsink, and blah blah blah... is not something I really want to do. So with that in mind... Does anyone have any ideas of what to put into this new hood?

I saw these at IKEA, they are rated 3.5w, but I'm not sure how they would work, what do you think?

DIODER Multipurpose lighting
Light color; warm white (2700 Kelvin).
Energy consumption: 3.5W.

I was also thinking about getting the ecopico strips, but I think thats going to cost to much to do what I am looking for...

Please let me know what you think would work, Thanks~
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