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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
I think that's one of the coolest compliments I've ever gotten. Thanks!

As for UG, I stick to trimming plants as much as possible vs. replant. Though Dollface would be best to ask on UG, as my experience with UG is limited.

About 4 weeks ago the day I replanted:

I use to replant like this:

Notice the care(lack of care) in the replanting and denser packing above vs the below:

Then I started really working it back in with denser replanting:

The UG is a L shape a couple of rows over, I changed it back but this denser packing really is the cat's meow.

Looks much better than mowing it, which you recover nothing you can really sell for a decent $. This is just a simple technique that really works, recovery to this level takes about 4 weeks and it looks nice as it fills back in.

A dense patch will provide ample plant material to make a real serious repacking/replanting that will fill in fast. Then whatever is left over from that rug, you sell. About every 4-8 weeks, I'll sell 50-100$ worth.

I refer to this as repacking the rug vs simply replanting plugs spaced 1" apart.That's fine if you lack plants to start off with...........but if you want to have fast recovery and trim as it gets overgrown, then you have plenty of plant do not sell it all, leave yourself with the min amount etc

Replant as densely as you possibly can.

when I replant, I take 1" plugs off the mat and leave then nice and dense. Then I twist them into the soil gently and pack from one part to the other side of the area, just like painting into a corner. I use about a180degree or so twist to keep the plants lodged in good, and I'm only using 1" of ADA As or less!
These mats stay put. I do trim the runners that will pop up and make the mat look ratty unkept etc and I use a paint scraper to push the edges on the glass downward to give a well manicured look.

Tom Barr
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