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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post

You can do 25% twice weekly, sure. The idea is to do as many as is necessary to keep things balanced. You need to consider the health concerns of your animals as well, so if 25% twice a week is less stress than 50% once a week, go for it.

Go ahead and up your dosing of micro's to compensate with the increased potassium and iron. The idea here is you're slowly increasing amounts to eliminate deficiencies, so if one has a problem, you increase it, then the other might need to come up a bit.

If you're lacking N, can I ask what soil you're using? If it's aqua soil, you very rarely lack in N or Phosphorus.
I'm just using Flourite Black, the tank started out as a testing for my Co2 system which turned out stable.

The HC Cuba kept growing so I'm sticking with it now. I'm seeing a colour change and I'm glad I took your advice.

What is different is the growth rate, I started mine a week or two before your tank, yet you have a nice stable growth. Mine is dense instead of tall, maybe the light is to blame. Not sure how a 23 watt CFL on a 6 gallon compares to those Solar Mini.

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