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Thanks for your advice. I did take off all the parts of the Water Sprite that had BBA on it. I also cleaned all my equipment. However, I cant get it off the black gravel. There is just too much of it on the gravel. I do keep removing the pieces of gravel that are covered with BBA that they look furry. I haven't put any of my dwarf sag back into the tank yet. It is still soaking in the peroxide/water mix and it is still covered with BBA. I want to see if the BBA turns colors and dies before the entire plant dies from lack of light and too much peroxide in the water. I probably have a hundred dwarf sag plants soaking. Should I cut off the leaves with the BBA on them, and replant the dwarf sag plants with thick roots, even though by removing the leaves there will be almost nothing left of the plant? I am thinking I should throw the dwarf sag plants away and stick with watersprit and very low light until I get the BBA under control. Watersprite wont dies with low light, it just wont grow fast, but neither will the BBA in low light. Any further advice?
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