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Captain Harlocks Chest of Eden 2.0 (my 45 gallon tub pond)

On my patio, I have a 45 gallon tub pond on my patio. As initial... practice of sorts with ponds. As we are building a 700 gallon pond this summer.
Anyhow. I used a 45 gallon rubbermaid tub. An old fountain pump we had lying around. And a lily bulb from petco.
Its progressed and changed alot since it first started, but its no where near done. Its named after the biggest of my three goldfish.
Captain Harlock is the one eyed oranda.
Markel is his first mate, the giant ryukin.
And the last smaller Ryukin is the Unnamed Sea Wench.

The other inhabitants, to be given imaginary roles, and names later are...
1 Dalmation Molly
1 Mainly Black Platty
1 "Creamsicle" Balloon Molly
2 Mystery Snails
1 Zebra Nerite
1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco
5 Whitecloud Minnows
And a buttload of pond snails.

Captain Harlock and Markel were the best of friends in the store. so they both came home with me.
I don't have very many pictures, but I did get a few during feeding time as a preview of sorts.
Comment and whatnot. Its pretty ugly right now so I need some advice on how to make this thing beautiful!
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