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Salmons 75-P: amazon somethin or other (56k)

Well after looking at an empty 75P sitting on my kitchen table for nearly 4 months, I finally have it planted and on a dry start. Wasn't planning on doing a DSM but ran into a last minute issue getting my CO2 tanks, it will probably work for the better anyways as Im fairly sure most of the plants were cultivated emmersed. Not %100 satisfied with the hardscape, but lots of time to tweak it. Not overly happy my rocks don't even make it 1/2 way of tank height, but it is what it is.

Tank/Equipment Specs:

-ADA 75P -75x45x45cm
-ADA substrate system (powersand, 5 elements, new Amazonia)
-Eheim 2217
-Cal Aqua Lilys
-10# Co2 tank
-Dual stage matheson reg
-DIY Cree LED build w sunrise/set controller (light in pics is 24w T5HO)
-DIY stand -37" tall
-hydor 200w inline heater
-Atomic diffuser
-Ryouh stone 30ish lbs
-EI dosing


-Crypt Lucens
-C. Becktii 'Petchi'
-C. Parva
-C. Nurii
-Ranalisma rostrata
-Tonina sp 'Manus'
-Ludwigia Arcuata
-Rotala sp nanjenshan 'Mayaca'
-Hygro polysperma 'Ceylon'
-Nesaea Crassicaulis


-none for a couple months. open to any ideas and suggestions though

'updated' possible options for a single school so far:

-Penguin tetras
-Coral red pencilfish
-P. gertrudae ARU
-Lemon tetras
-Silvertip tetras
-Ember tetra
-sawbwa reslendens (if I can find them)
-cardinal tetra
-rummynose (have in other tank already so unlikely)

iphone pics for now

Thanks for looking!


Salmons ADA 75-P Rockscape on DSM / 13g Rimless / 12g Rimless Club / 12g rimless - not yet started / Cannon Pimp Club #009 -T3i

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