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Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
Wow, my dream tank. Coast to coast overflow, Beananimal drains, eurobraced, size - just perfect. Love both sets of rock too.

That is a lot of holes. What are the ones in the side and bottom of the tank used for?
You and I share the same dream then! I only went with the peninsula style overflow because the tank was used and I didn't want to change it too much. If you look back in the thread you can see the original, huge internal overflow.

Eventually I want a nice big tank with a full coast to coast. I'm actually having a ~45 gallon tank built with the pane I chipped that will have a coast to coast, but it will still have an inch or so on each end with an external box. I'm just going to bring the return through the box on that one.

Whenever I build a new big tank I will bump up the height to 24" again, but even at 6'3" my tank at 22" tall and eurobrace is hard to reach into when it's on the stand. I'll keep the euro as a splash guard but I'll build the tank an extra 4" in depth and install a false back that is cut shorter to form the coast to coast. You just have to plan for that style so you can fabricate a proper stand and such. For my simple setups I prefer to just do a 95% length coast to coast. They are easier to make work because you just pull the stand out from the wall a bit.

About all the holes everywhere, as you could tell, Kathy, the overflow has three 1" for drains, Beananimal style. The builder was pushing 1.5" holes but the box would have to be pretty big for that, even being cnc'd. I figure at full syphon the 1" can easily handle 1500 gph or more so even if I switched to salt (fat chance) I would have enough drain to handle the flow. Since I will only have 800 gph max I should be fine. I'm more worried about the size of the notch but I'll have to test it to see how everything works.

The three holes on the bottom in front of the overflow are the old drains. The two 1.5" are being capped with bulkheads as a glass patch is almost impossible to remove later. The old 1" return is my closed loop drain and the two 3/4" holes scattered are the CL returns. If the 1" CL drain sucks too hard I'll split it to two screeners or use one of the 1.5" holes instead. The 1.5" screeners are just gigantic.

I tried to place the 3/4" CL returns in places that are good for many layouts but who knows. While I was thinking about it I ran through a bunch of layout patterns and eventually just picked two spots. I tried to keep in mind that the tank is designed to stick out from a wall, viewable from three sides. Even though I'm placing it in the corner I have made all the cabinetry so I can make it a peninsula later.

About the rocks, the Ohko are just too textured for my layout skills so I ordered another 100 pounds of Seiryu from PC1. I figure 140 pounds total is enough to do what I am trying to accomplish.

Now I just have to wait two weeks for the silicone to fully cure.
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