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Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Oh wait.... let me get this straight. Ray2 has higher light out put because there are more LEDs or more watt on each LEDs? I'm confused... I thought Ray2 is more brighter because higher watt on each LED not just because more LEDs crammed together into same amount of surface.

So is this true? they are same light, just Ray2 has more LEDs put closer together in a fixture?

edit: what the! Lowe you'r a SCAPE member too?

The fugeRay has significantly less LEDs. When I say light output, I'm focusing on PAR values. The FugeRays are indeed shorter fixtures, feature less LEDs, and in turn carry a lower wattage as well. Our sample 12" Fugeray/Ray ii had these readings 10" from substrate to light:

12" FugeRay Sample: 38-42 μmol/m2/s at base
12" Ray 2 Sample: 92-102 μmol/m2/s at base

After meeting a few of you at the MAX, we decided to get involved with you guys! Were you one of the attendees? Check your group to see what we have planned. Aren't you the fellow waiting for the 3' fixture?

OP sorry for going off topic~ Hope this info helps

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