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Originally Posted by Lludu View Post
I'm glad you did this review after me mentioning the light. It looks great on a 7.5 cube too. Thanks for the write up Grumpy Dwarf, much appreciated. Let me know how growth goes, I made a note of plants to add to my tank in the nano tank section... hoping this light will work for all those plants.
If the par values are true on the manufacturers website, this should grow any plant. Might have a small amount of trouble getting some stuff to fully carpet, but maybe not. If so, two of them would fit on a 7.5g cube with plenty of room to spare, and that would up the lighting significantly.

I will definately report back about growth in a week or two. The stargrass was working OK under the ecopico, though a bit leggy. I was only using one strip with the ecopico though, two was too much to control the GSA without me having to add Co2, and this is my low tech tank. I think this might get it to spread out the leaves some more instead of directly up. The stargrass in my main tank has leaves that are easily 3 times longer than the ones in the shrimp tank.

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