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BBA algae treatment

HI, I have been battling BBA algae for over a year. It keeps getting worse. I have a 120 gallon heavily stocked community tank with clown loaches, glass catfish, neons and discus. My substrate is from black stuff. My plants were water sprite and dwarf sag. I recently spent over 4 hours during which I soaked all my equipment and rock, including my heaters in a 5 gal bucket with 946 ml of peroxide. I soaked my dwarf sag in a mix of about 500ml to the 5 gal. I soaked the water sprite in a much weaker solution and and then only put back into the tank the part that was almost entirely free of BBA. Since my dwarf sag is so heavily coated with BBA (although not the roots or the parts under the gravel surface) I am afraid of returning it to the tank until the algae dies so I put it in a bucket with clean water and I will see if the BBA dies before the plant dies. The BBA is also on the gravel so I syphoned a lot of the gravel which turned much of the BBA over and buried alot of it. I did clean my 2 Fluval 405 canisters with tank water so that I didn't risk killing the beneficial bacteria. I also reduced the lights and now have a 2 bulb HOT5 unit that I will run 8 hours a day. ( I used to have 5 bulbs on one side and 2 on the other side and run them for 12 hours) I also have a UV sterilyzer. I know there is still plenty of BBA in my tank on the gravel and in the water, but I greatly reduced it and hopefully without fertilizers or excessive light it will remain under ccontrol. I own a CO2 tank but I haven't been using it since I dont want to risk my fish. I also put an airstone in for a few days just to ensure the safety of my fish.
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