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Finnex FugeRay Product Review

First let me start with a disclaimer: This is not a review of my experience, positive or negative, with Finnex as a company. This is a review of a product i currently own and have experience with, and does not reflect on Finnex or their other products.
Now that that's over, lets get on with it. I purchased this fixture after a member in this thread pointed it out. "LED fixture that gives out medium light and only costs $40 shipped? Sign me up!" i said. Ordered it Tuesday and to my surprise here it is at 10:30am Friday morning. After getting it out of it's cardboard shipping box, this is revealed:
Click image for larger version

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Pretty standard packaging, nothing special. Fairly well protected for shipping with the bubble wrap and foam padding.

Here it is all unboxed and laid out for your viewing pleasure:
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No extra frills or crap; just a light, some legs, and a power cord. I like the power cord with the supply inline instead of at the plug, makes it so that big power supply isn't in the way of other things plugging in. The cord is a little short though (~3.5ft), not a problem for me but it might be for people with taller stands.

Putting it together was pretty straightforward. The legs just fit into two grooves that run the entire body of the fixture. No screws or fasteners to mess with, just slip it in and friction takes care of the rest. Nice way to do it. All put together:
Click image for larger version

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Putting it on the tank was also very straightforward. Slide the legs to adjust for tank width and set it on the rim. The light has a switch on each end, one controls the white emmiters, and one controls the blues. This allows for moonlight after the photo period. The luttle extra blue kick is nice when the whites are on during photoperiod as well, brings out colors nicely. Tank shot with full lights on (12"x12"x12" rimless cube @ 7.5 gallons):
Click image for larger version

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And moonlights only:
Click image for larger version

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My only complaint about this fixture is the moonlights. They're the perfect intensity for nighttime, but they're blue. Moonlight isn't blue. This is my big gripe with almost all moonlighting on the market today, blue just looks fake.

Other than the moonlight issue though, the light is a good one. Color rendition is great, fit and finish are great. Couldn't do better for $40 bucks shipped. We shall see how it grows the plants, maybe i can put in a Marsilea quadrifolia carpet in this thing finally? The website states that this puts out 38-42 PAR at 10" from the source, which is right in medium light. Time will tell.

LED Lighting Compendium
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