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Help with high nitrite


I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for a little help.... I have a 3,500g tank and the water had 1 ppm nitrite And .5 ppm of ammonia. My configuration is the following:

* concrete tank
1 4,000g bio-mech filter
1 Pentair Intelliflo pump
1 80w UV
35 Koi
5 Plecos

The tank was good for almost 6 month and I've being doing filter backwash once a week. Last week two water plants died and the leafs were spread all over the water and I didn't noticed. When I checked the water today all the tested components were stable but the nitrite was very high.

I was searching for ways to lower the nitrites but all off them suggest to change 25 to 50% of water, in my case change almost 1400g is a little expensive ... I'm searching for a way to help the kois and the water without making water changes, thinking on adding bacteria supplements but I don't know if that can help.

Any idea is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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